Ohm for the Holidays: Your Go-To Guide for Gifting Radiant Skin and Good Vibes This Holiday Season

Ho-ho-hold up! Are you still scrambling for the perfect holiday gifts? Well, stress no more, because we've got your back!

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide, a curated collection of all-natural aromatherapy skincare that not only makes your skin glow but also balances your chakras. Now, before your eyes glaze over at the thought of yet another skincare line, let us assure you – ours is not just any skincare. It's skincare with a soul!

Our Aromatherapy Skincare Collection is like a little slice of heaven, delivered right to your doorstep. Made with love and natural ingredients like rosehip oil, almond oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, our products are a godsend for anyone battling eczema, hyperpigmentation, or just plain old dry skin.

But wait, there's more! Each product is imbued with essential oils designed to balance different chakras. Whether it's 'Comfy AF' for your root chakra or 'Bow to the Crown' for your crown chakra, we've got something to help everyone on your list find their zen this holiday season.

So why not ditch the store-bought skincare full of harsh chemicals this year? Instead, give the gift of health, wellness, and a little bit of spiritual balance with our Aromatherapy Skincare Collection. After all, nothing says "I care" like helping your loved ones glow from the inside out.

Ready to help Santa out this year? Let's dive in, and discover nature’s skincare together!

For the Adult Working on Self Love

$22 - 40

The 'Comfy AF' Collection

Get comfy no matter where you are with our 'Comfy AF' collection. Blended with Sage, it’s designed to balance the root chakra and serve as a much-needed pause button. Treat someone special (or yourself) to this grounding collection, it's the perfect gift for any adult who deserves a break from adulting and a dose of self-love.

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$10ra - 40

The 'Sexy & I Know It' Collection

Unleash the inner creativity and zest for life with our 'Sexy & I Know It' collection, unique blend of Orange and Jasmine that works to balance the sacral chakra. This holiday season, gift this sensual, spirit-lifting collection to the hardworking adult in your life — it's not just skincare, it's an invitation to play, ignite passion, and break free from the all-work-no-play routine.

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$10 - 40

The Get Sh*t Done Collection

Unwrap the power of motivation with our 'Get Sh*t Done' collection this holiday season. This invigorating blend of Lemongrass and Grapefruit is more than just skincare—it's a jolt of energy, a dash of inspiration, and a generous helping of 'you-can-do-it', all wrapped up in natural, artisanal goodness that'll leave both their skin glowing and their spirit soaring.

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$10 - 40

The 'Love on the Brain' Collection

Step into the holiday season with an open heart and our 'Love on the Brain' collection, designed to pamper your skin and balance your heart chakra. Perfect for the adult who's journeying on the path of self-love, this unique blend of Rose and Bergamot is more than a gift—it's a heartfelt affirmation saying, "You are worth the love you give to others, it's time to nourish yourself."

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For the Adult Working on Connecting with Others

$22 - 40

The 'Talk to Me Nice' Collection

Unleash the power of Talk to Me Nice, a Peppermint and Lime blend that's the ultimate holiday gift for your favorite adults who are ready to let their voice be heard. With its invigorating aroma that clears the throat chakra, this unique blend empowers you to express yourself freely, all while pampering your skin with natural goodness - because nothing says 'I respect your opinions' like a dose of self-care.

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$22 - 40

The 'Enlightened Vibes' Collection

Discover the 'Enlightened Vibes' collection - a unique blend of Frankincense and Myrrh that's designed to balance the third eye chakra, aiding in clarity and insight. This all-natural skincare set is the perfect gift for the adult seeking purpose and fulfillment, offering a refreshing ritual that pampers the skin while igniting self-discovery and personal growth

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$22 - 40

The 'Bow to the Crown' Collection

Find your royal rhythm with our 'Bow to the Crown' collection, a subtle blend ofLavender and Jasmine that's as calming as it sounds. Ideal for those searching for a deeper connection, this all-natural skincare line pampers their skin while balancing the crown chakra for a wholistic self care experience.

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Gifts for the Super Woman


Get Sh*t Done Sugar Scrub Soap

Unleash your inner powerhouse with our Get Sh*t Done Sugar Scrub Soap. Infused with an invigorating blend of grapefruit and lemongrass that balances the solar plexus chakra, it's the perfect pick-me-up for the Super Woman who juggles a thousand things, making her skin glow while she conquers her day, one task at a time.

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Comfy AF Body Oil Candle

Gift the Super Woman in your life the tranquility she deserves with our Comfy AF Body Oil Candle. This divine blend of cocosoy wax, almond oil, and vitamin E melts into a warm, luxurious body oil, while its essential oil blend of sage and sandalwood harmonizes the root chakra, creating a soothing sanctuary for her to unwind, recharge and remind herself that even superheroes need some me-time.

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Sexy & I Know It Body Butter

Unleash the goddess within with our Sexy & I Know It Body Butter. This decadent blend of shea butter, kokum butter, and vitamin E not only blesses her skin with divine moisture but also harnesses the power of essential oils to balance her sacral chakra, letting her sensuality shine brighter than holiday lights.

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Gifts for the Wellness Lover


Enlightened Vibes Sugar Scrub Soap

Ignite your loved one's wellness journey with our Enlightened Vibes Sugar Scrub Soap. This divine blend of coconut oil and sugar not only promises an exfoliating cleanse, but also harnesses the power of Frankincense & Myrrh to balance the third eye chakra, making it the perfect gift for the Wellness Lover who's on a quest to tune into her intuition and transform her skincare routine into a soulful ritual.

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Bow to The Crown Body Butter

Gift her the royal treatment this holiday season with our Bow to the Crown Body Butter. This skincare superstar, packed with shea butter, kokum butter and vitamin E, not only showers her skin with a royal glow but also balances the crown chakra with its Lavender and Jasmine blend, making her self-care routine a sacred ritual of connecting with her higher self. Say goodbye to harsh store-bought skincare and hello to a divine self-care experience.

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Love on the Brain Shimmering Body Oil

Ignite the spark of self-love this holiday season with our Love on the Brain Shimmering Body Oil. Infused with a carefully curated blend of rosehip, grapeseed, almond oil, and vitamin E, this body oil not only nourishes her skin to a radiant shimmer that's perfect for year-round glow, but also harmonizes the heart chakra with its essential oil blend of rose and bergamot, turning her daily skincare routine into a sacred act of self-love.

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Must-Have Bundles


Body Butter + Sugar Scrub Bundle

Warm up their winter skincare routine with our Body Butter + Sugar Scrub bundle, the ultimate duo for cold-weather skin nourishment. Our coconut oil-based sugar scrub exfoliates and cleanses while our shea and kokum butter-infused body butter locks in lasting moisture, providing a one-two punch that leaves skin glowing—even when the weather outside is frightful. And remember, each scent is crafted with essential oils to balance chakras, turning each skincare session into a moment of spiritual harmony. It's like a little holiday magic, right in your bathroom cabinet.

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Starting at $34

Body Oil Bundle

Treat your skin to an oasis of hydration this winter with our Body Oil bundle, featuring your choice of body oils and our skin-loving Body Oil Candles. Whether you choose the subtle shimmer, the opulence of real 24K gold, or the unique warmth of a body oil candle, each drop is a blend of rosehip, grapeseed, almond oil, and vitamin E, promising to keep your skin glowing and moisturized through the frosty weather. Plus, with essential oil fragrances specifically crafted to balance each chakra, it's not just skincare—it's self-care that nourishes both body and spirit. Now that's what we call turning up the heat!

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Starting at $54

Body Butter + Sugar Scrub + Body Oil Bundle

Say goodbye to winter woes and hello to a heavenly glow with our ultimate skin care bundle, your one-stop shop for all-natural, aromatherapy skincare. Featuring your choice of body butter, sugar scrub, and body oil (including our unique Body Oil Candles), this bundle is like a cozy sweater for your skin—our shea and kokum butter-infused body butter locks in moisture, our coconut oil-based sugar scrub exfoliates and cleanses, and our rosehip, grapeseed, almond oil, and vitamin E body oils keep your skin radiant even on the chilliest days. Plus, with each scent specifically crafted with essential oils to balance a different chakra, it's not just skincare—it's self-love in a bottle. So go ahead, treat yourself or a loved one to this must-have bundle and let's turn "brrr" into "ahhh" together.

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Must-Have Minis


Sugar Scrub Minis Set

Experience the full spectrum of self-care with our Sugar Scrub Mini's Set, a collection of seven heavenly scents that'll have your skin singing "Hallelujah!" and your chakras dancing in harmony. From the grounding vibes of 'Comfy AF' to the spiritually soaring 'Bow to the Crown', this set is your all-access pass to our all-natural, chakra-balancing aromatherapy skincare line. So, why not give your skin—and your spirit—a little holiday cheer? After all, who says you can't have it all?

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Body Butter Minis Set

Get ready to butter up your soul and your skin with our Body Butter Mini's Set, a sumptuous smorgasbord of all seven chakra-balancing scents. From the grounding 'Comfy AF' to the crown-chakra-celebrating 'Bow to the Crown', each mini pot of shea and kokum butter goodness is a ticket to silky-smooth skin and spiritual balance. So why settle for one when you can have them all? Because let's face it, when it comes to nourishing your skin and your spirit, there's no such thing as too much of a good thing!

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