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Take Charge of Your Wellness: Why You Should Trust Your Own Judgment When It Comes to Healthcare


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Guest Contributor: Justin Bennett


The medical world can sometimes be an anomaly. And while doctors do their best to diagnose conditions accurately, mistakes can occur on rare occasions. This is where trusting in your judgment (as well as your gut instinct) comes into play when you feel like your diagnosis has missed the mark. Today, The Love U Collective invites Justin Bennett of Healthy Fit to share ways that you can feel more comfortable in your own judgment and take charge of your own healthcare.


Be Proactive


It's okay to question your diagnosis if you feel like something is still amiss here. In fact, many patients often go for a second opinion to get the peace of mind they're after. You should also make sure you have the coverage you need. After all, new health plan options are emerging every day, including Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans (or MERPs), which allow employers to contribute to employees’ health plan costs.


Also, just because a certain healthcare provider falls within your healthcare scheme doesn't mean they should automatically be your first choice. After all, a big part of the doctor-patient relationship is going to involve how comfortable you both feel with each other and how you can relate to him or her, not just on a professional level but on a personal level too. 


Furthermore, knowing that your healthcare provider has years of experience is sure to give you even more peace of mind here. So, be sure to look around at who's available to you so you can make the right choice for you at the end of the day.


Always Be Prompt 


For any relationship to work successfully, there must be professionalism on both ends so that each party feels respected and valued. One of the ways in which you can do this is to make sure you show up promptly for your appointments with the necessary paperwork so your doctor can get to doing what they do best without worrying about unnecessary (and costly) delays.


Speaking of getting all your documents in order before your appointment as well as for when you need them for a second opinion; here are the steps to combine multiple pages into one PDF using an online PDF converter tool to convert all your documents into one convenient PDF file, which you can then store on the cloud or on your drive to be accessed when you need them. Furthermore, you can even share them with your specialist as well as share them directly online or download them and print them out if they require a hard copy of your medical records. 


Actively Choose to Be Healthy


Often, we feel out of sorts because we've made unhealthy choices, which can become unhealthy habits. That's why it's vital to choose to be healthy, even if it costs you something, such as forfeiting some sleep by getting up a little bit earlier to go for a jog around the block while you're still feeling fresh and energetic, for example. Moreover, you might also have to make the necessary dietary adjustments so that your exercise efforts don't go to waste by forfeiting unhealthy fast food, for example. 


Speaking of jogging, you could even fit in a small session during your lunch break if you skipped your morning exercise routine. Take a look at a walk score map for the area near your office. You’ll be able to see at a glance where the best areas for a walk or jog are nearby.


Certainly, it pays to be more upfront rather than reserved regarding your health, as your doctor is certain to be grateful for your assertiveness when it comes to diagnosing your condition as accurately as possible. Take charge of your health, find ways to arrange and organize your medical documents, and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself — your health depends on it.

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